Thursday, 31 May 2018

Stettler RCMP warn of roaming paving scams

RCMP Alberta - Stettler RCMP would like to remind rural residents of seasonal paving scams, which typically pop up each spring and summer, and involve the following:

1. Someone representing a paving company will randomly attend the residence trying to offer a paving job

2. The person will often say they are finishing up a job nearby and have extra material they'd like to use

3. They offer to do the paving job at a considerably reduced price because the resident will be doing them a favour by allowing them to use the left over product

4. The paving is completed using inferior materials

5. Within a year's time, the paving will begin to fail/fall apart

6. Attempts to locate the paving company or rep are unsuccessful

Stettler RCMP reminds citizens to do their due diligence and ensure any contract work they have done is by reputable people/companies. This may include conducting online research, checking references or speaking personally with other clientele in the area.

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