Tuesday, 12 June 2018

Expansion of southwest leg of Anthony Henday Drive in Edmonton to move ahead

Minister Mason announces the expansion of southwest Anthony Henday Drive

Government of Alberta - Budget 2018 included funding to expand the southwest portion of the ring road from four to six lanes. With design work expected to be finalized later this year, construction for the project is expected to begin in 2019. It is anticipated that the project will take three years to complete.

The southwest leg of Edmonton’s ring road was designed for a capacity of 40,000 vehicles per day. Originally, this traffic volume was anticipated to occur in 2020. However, rapid development in southwest Edmonton resulted in capacity being reached in 2009. Today, that portion of the ring road carries approximately 80,000 vehicles per day.

The Anthony Henday Drive is a vital part of Alberta’s provincial highway network, improving market access and quality of life for Albertans and ensuring the long-term economic viability of the Edmonton metropolitan region.

Quick facts:
  • Anthony Henday Drive is an 80-kilometre freeway that encircles Edmonton
  • The southwest portion is 18 kilometres long
  • Southwest Henday is constructed primarily of concrete
  • Bridge structures were designed and constructed in anticipation of future widening
  • Edmonton’s ring road was officially completed, and open to traffic in October 2016
  • The entire Anthony Henday Drive took 26 years to build

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