Thursday, 16 August 2018

Airdrie RCMP Announce Vehicle Theft Stats for June and July 2018

RCMP Alberta - Airdrie RCMP have compiled vehicle theft stats for June and July 2018 which indicate that vehicle thefts have increased slightly since May of this same year.

The Airdrie RCMP received 12 vehicle theft complaints in June and nine in July which is up slightly from 9 reported thefts in May. Of the 21 vehicles reported stolen over the two months, seven of them were stolen with keys left inside the vehicle.

Other vehicle theft stats from June and July combined:

· Vehicles stolen on weekdays = 14

· Vehicles stolen on weekends = 7

· Vehicles stolen between midnight at 6:00 am = 4

· Vehicles stolen between 6:00 am and noon = 5

· Vehicles stolen between 12 noon and 6:00 pm = 3

· Vehicles stolen between 6:00 pm and midnight = 2

· Vehicles stolen at unknown times = 7

· Vehicles stolen within City of Airdrie limits = 17

· Vehicles stolen in rural = 4

The Airdrie RCMP and the Alberta Motor Association are encouraging Albertans to take three simple steps to prevent vehicle theft:

· Remove the keys

· Hide or remove all valuables


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