Saturday, 25 August 2018

Waste and Wasps: A Dangerous combination for City Collectors

City of Edmonton - The summer weather is perfect for wasps, which can pose a concern for residents and waste collectors, especially for those who may have life-threatening allergic reactions. Some collectors have already reported stings.

The City is asking for the public’s help to keep our collectors safe by following these simple tips:
  • Clean empty wine, juice and pop containers and seal them in bags, as wasps are attracted to sugar and alcohol.
  • Pick up and dispose of all apples and overripe fruit from lawns.
  • Ensure garbage and recycling bags are tied up and cans are covered with lids.
  • Keep it light, each bag or filled can should be lighter than 20 kg or 44 lb.
  • Keep waste storage area tidy and remove wasp nests as soon as they are discovered.
  • Use wasp traps to keep wasps away from waste collection areas.
For residents with a compost pile, make sure to keep it wet, turn it regularly and always cover fresh waste such as fruits and vegetables with dry leaves or soil to discourage wasps.

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